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Single-Ply Roofing System Applications


A Specialist in Single Ply Roof Systems

Huttinger Construction Company is a specialist in Single Ply Roof System Applications. We concentrate on various types of Single Ply Roof Systems. For the past twenty years, we have been representing many world wide known Single Ply Roof Systems manufacturers such as GenFlex, Firestone, Carlisle, GAF, DuroLast, Johns Manville (HPG, SealDry), MuleHide, Flex, and BondCote, just to name a few. Most companies use different types of commercial roofing applications, such as Modified Bitumen, torch down applications (asphalt, coal tar-pitch, etc.), spray foam, and many other types of roof systems. Huttinger Construction Company performs one type of roof system application, Single Ply. We feel like we stand above the rest in our industry because our business is strictly SINGLE PLY!

Huttinger Construction applies many types of Single Ply Roof Membranes. We utilize EPDM, PVC, TPO, CPA, Elvaloy, and Hypalon membranes. Each membrane has similarities, but are also different from each other. Each membrane can be applied in a number of different ways. The three most popular methods are ballasted, mechanically attached, or fully adhered applications. All three methods can be utilized on new construction or for all retrofit (reroof) processes. All three can be directly applied over numerous former roof types, such as built-up, coal-tar pitch, modified bitumen, standing seam metal, etc.

Three Application Methods

Ballasted Single Ply Roof Systems are the most economical of the three basic applications. The insulation and Single Ply Membrane are loose laid over the existing roof deck (metal, wood, concrete, etc.) Then you apply a distribution of weight over the Single Ply Roof System, using river rock, concrete pavers, or other forms of weight, to restrain the roof from movement.

Mechanically Attached Single Ply Roof Systems are the most popular and the most applicator friendly of the three basic types of applications. The insulation and Single Ply Membrane are mechanically fastened through the existing deck, usually at the maximum of eighteen (18) inches on center, throughout the entire roof area.

The Fully Adhered Single Ply Roof System is the third basic type of application. The insulation is mechanically fastened through the existing deck. The fastening pattern of the insulation board is increased 200% to insure no movement. Then, the Single Ply Membrane is fully adhered to the insulation board. All flashings (A/C curbs, perimeter walls, flue pipes, etc.) and other roof penetrations are also fully adhered. This system is labor intensive, therefore, usually the most costly. However, if applicated correctly, is the best overall Single Ply Roof System.


The key element with all of these membranes and different applications is drainage. Tapered Insulation Systems are pre-fabricated by the insulation manufacturer. The measurements are taken of the roof area. A map, as you will, is drawn up so that the roof will slope properly to the roof drains, overflow scuppers, gutters, or other areas for drainage. Tapered Insulation Systems do not come standard with a new Single Ply Roof System. But, if you think about the cost difference over a span of ten (10) or fifteen (15) years, the cost is minimal. With adequate drainage, one eliminates standing water on a roof, debris accumulation, and a better overall looking appearance of their new Single Ply Roof System .